Planet Audio Takes Sound to Space

EARTH – Planet Audio announces that it may have landed exclusive contracts with multiple international space agencies to provide sound systems on all future space vehicles for the next 99 years.

Jason Hannon, Planet Audio’s Brand Manager said, “We’re all very excited about this opportunity to expand our business to infinity and beyond. Planet Audio is going farther than everyone else in this industry; some would say we’re out-of-this-world.”

Through 2116, Planet Audio would develop intergalactic audio controls, speakers and other products to provide the best sound quality for astronauts in space. Hanon believes that “better sound will make a difference if we encounter extraterrestrial life.” He says “I’m sure aliens like to dance too.”

Russian astronaut, Laika Kudryavka, would be one of the first to experience the new Planet Audio sound systems while on a six-month mission to the International Space Station. Kudryavka said, “I look forward to being the first Earth creature to make bass thump in space.” He added “hey that rhymes!”

The first space mission with an all Planet Audio equipped sound system would launch April 1, 2018.